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When Someone Dies

What happens when someone dies?  We become sad.  We mourn, we wish they were still here, we feel cheated, guilty, angry, and sometimes even stuck in the “I cannot go on” phase. But what else happens?  What is that “thing” that happens to us when we lose someone in our life, close to us, a […]

Dragons and Alligators Amongst Us

Dragons and Alligators Amongst Us Leslie Beery “A certain darkness is needed to see the stars” I am a piece of energy that connects to other electric elements in life.  Just like you, I also have connections, attractions, and some definite disconnects. Each connection represents a bright star, a bright light.  Each light forms that […]

Line of Demarcation

“A line defining the boundary of a buffer zone or area of limitation. A line of demarcation may also be used to define the forward limits of disputing or belligerent forces after each phase of disengagement or withdrawal has been completed.”   Have you ever put yourself out there, in someone else’s shoes, for a […]

A to B

It is so hard to get from Point A to Point B on some days. Not in a miserable or sick way. More exhaustion from anticipation, or dread, or fear. Explaining this to someone who is not feeling what you are is almost impossible. Picking up life where we left it when things fell apart, […]

How Do We Stop The Pain?

  How do we stop the pain? Some use drug therapy, some abuse drugs. Some go through psychoanalysis and therapy, some talk to those around them, and others keep it inside. Some turn to spirituality as an escape and as a way to hand things over and ease the pain. Some suppress the feeling, shutting […]


Isolation Alone inside a crowded room, different among those who we were similar yesterday. Screaming but silent. Sobbing internally. … Broken from the core and never really understanding “what next”. It is easy to polish and stand up tall for the sake of “getting through”. But, the let down in our shoulders when the game […]


Waking up, day after day, first thought – he is gone.  Get up, work at shaking off darkness, and move feet forward. Everyday, the same. Most days able to function, able to progress. Some days, succumbing to the darkness, falling into the hole inside my heart. Pleading to see him, touch him, talk to him, […]

The brokenhearted, the crushed in spirit…..

I have these waves of emotion. Moments in time. Places in my life where I stop and crumble. I scream inside, “What am I doing?!” “How can anything continue on…” I reel in a panic, I want to move as far backwards as I can, to be closer to him, closer to a time with […]


  Never feel obliged to join in festivities around holidays and act like nothing has happened in your life. Holidays are some of the toughest days we have to endure on this road. The anticipation, preparations, traditions, memories, decorations and symbols, and of the gathering of family that in some cases you have not seen […]

Shitty Mothers Club

The world is not as kind and gentle as it was when you were here. The simplicity of the day to day is replaced with a coldness and a hardness that rounds out the hole in our hearts and pushes it a little deeper. People have come and gone…. Life has changed and I have […]