Share your story…

These are stories of pain and survival. 

We share our stories to assist in our own healing. 

We share our stories to help in your healing.


Leslie’s Story


Wendi’s Story


Shoshana’s Story


Mary’s Story

Marilee’s Story



Please email us at to have your story added on this page.   Please add at least one picture of your lost loved one if you can.  If we have editing questions or need to make any type of changes we will contact you first before the story is posted.  Thank you for your submissions!

All opinions and personal information belong to the poster. The Surviving Project does not take sides and instead offers a landing place for everyone in grief from a loss by suicide. Blame and guilt are two of the most intense things we are left with after the suicide. Please do not let them control you. The anger that breeds from both blame and guilt will destroy anything good inside of you. I want you all to progress with any form, or small amount of healing that you can. Working through our anger, blame, and guilt is a huge part of this. We need positive outlets, positive methods, positive thoughts, and most importantly positive actions. Remember we are examples to those younger and older, and we are the living legacies of our lost loved ones. ♥