The Surviving Project is a project to assist those in need of grief support after a loss by suicide.  We also advocate for suicide prevention, assessments, intervention, mental health services, responsible media reporting, and positive reinforcement for healthy lives.

When someone loses a loved one, by suicide or not, grief takes over and things change.  Our goal is to be a resource, a support, a comfort, and a constant.  We provide an on going support, not just one time, we are available for support until the bereaved person is comfortable going forward.  Every situation is unique and there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Signs of Hope

The Surviving Project and volunteers place signs of hope for others to find in random places in communities.  We invite those that find a sign of hope to contact our website and report that you found the sign.  You may keep your sign of hope or continue it’s journey and place it to be found again.

What else do we do?

1.  Send comfort packages and place signs of hope
2.  Contact with survivors of suicide to check in and provide support
3.  Provide a safe place to talk without judgement
4.  Sit in silence and just be there if needed

What we do NOT do

We are not licensed counselors or doctors
We do not support destructive behaviors while grieving
We do not harrass or contact people that do not want our support
We do not tell bereaved persons to hurry through their grief
We do not have all the answers all the time

 We Blog and Invite Guest Bloggers

We reserve the right to include all posts submitted to our site by guest bloggers, fellow survivors, outside parties, etc.. for the life of this website.  Blogging is similar to journaling and can be healing as well as helpful to other survivors to read.  It is a two way validation of our feelings through this journey.  All opinions and personal information belong to the poster.♥