We would love to hear your story and have you upload a picture!

Congratulations on finding a Sign of Hope from The Surviving Project.  It is yours to keep!  If you would like to share your story of finding The Surviving Project Sign of Hope with us, please send an email with the following information to leslie@thesurvivingproject.com


The email should include where you found the sign of hope (city/state/region/country), the story of how you found your sign of hope and what it means to you.  You may also send an image of you and the Sign of Hope!

Email Title: This is the location you found the sign of hope. Enter City, State (or Region), and Country .
     (examples: Dallas, TX USA  or  Chilliwack, BC Canada)

Email Content:  Share the story of finding your sign of hope. Share how you found it and your thoughts when you found it.  The Surviving Project community loves the details!

Attach an Image to the email:  Attach a photo of the sign of hope with a unique file name.

Thanks for sharing your story!

Please send email to leslie@thesurvivingproject.com