Children are sometimes forgotten in the grief process and not given proper guidance on how to handle their emotions and feelings about losing a loved one.  The pain that we feel as adults is sometimes complicated with mature emotions, experiences, situations, and history with the loved one that has passed away.  Dealing with these emotions is hard on us, imagine what it is like for a child that does not have the knowledge of what the heck is going on.  Children and teenagers need us to help them understand.  Encouraging kids to talk about how they feel, what they are thinking, and what they are having problems understanding is part of the first steps to helping them through their grief.  New emotions are surfacing for them and depending on age, how we react and respond to their needs will lay the foundation for how they feel about death, dying, and grief as a whole.
Healthy and positive methods are out there for us to help our kids.  Finding what works for you and for your child is important for their future and how they will deal with crisis as an adult.
Leslie Beery