July 6, 2010 3:38 a.m.
A plea to those contemplating or planning to end their own life. I would plead with you that if you cannot think of your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, children, friends, grandparents or siblings……….please think of your parents and most specifically, your mother. She may be living or dead, your closest confidant or estranged. Your mother may be someone you have never met or someone you feel you cannot get away from. Whatever the case may be, she feels/felt love for you at some point or constantly. Maybe not in the moment of conception, but most definitely at some point of connection through the pregnancy and delivery. Everyone of us has a mother, somewhere. Majority of us have some type of relationship with our mother’s whether current or past. It is a deep and complex bond that cannot be understood or put to paper with a pen. You have to experience it, feel it. Think of her now. Think of the heartbreak and devastation that she will feel at the learning of your passing from this life. A piece of her will die with you and she will be forever changed. Self-condemnation that you feel at this moment will transfer from your mind and body to hers……..she will never receive a satisfactory explanation as to why you took your life. She will use her remaining days to reconstruct your life and your last days, looking for ways that she could have saved you. Your suicide will turn her world upside down. The guilt, the shame, the sadness and the hole in her heart will never heal. It will just be a constant reminder of how you were lost and how she most desperately wants to find you. So I plead with you, when you are the lowest of low and in the darkest corners of your mind with hopelessness…..think of your father and….your mother. Suicide does not just end YOUR life…….