My son had a t-shirt with the slogan “think” on it.
There used to be a sideways triangle sign on the road that meant “think”.
I want everyone to stop and think for a moment.  What is this hatefulness producing?  What will you get in return? What is your goal or desired outcome?
One thing that us survivors and grievers cannot have in our lives is negativity.  We must separate ourselves from it and we must stop it from hemorrhaging from our own pores.
If you don’t agree with bullying, you cannot show bullying traits.  If you want to prevent suicide, you must show compassion and strength.  If you want the cycles of hate to stop, you must look in the mirror and stop the hate within yourself.
This website is to support others in pain from suicide. The blog is to show each bloggers journey and offer validation of the reading audiences feelings.  I feel that in certain posts this has been lost.  I apologize for that and take full responsibility for not guiding the ship.
So, let’s start over….as we do many times now — with many things in our lives while grieving… let’s start over here.  Let’s think before we speak.  Let’s think before we react.  Let’s think before we judge.  When a suicide occurs it touches at least 10 people in some way, shape or form.  Family, friend, acquaintance, neighbor, co-worker, etc…  Each person grieves in their own way.  Each person deserves the respect to grieve, to make mistakes, to fall and get back up again.
My name is Leslie, I am a suicide survivor and I lost my 24-year-old son last year when he made the tragic decision to end his life.  I am fumbling through life now, in pain and at times confused as hell.  It is hell what I am living and what my family is living.  We lost a piece of us.  I am here to document my journey, my low times and my milestones.